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Jake Aull, Creative and Web Marketing Strategist

I completed a Masters of Science in Marketing from Georgia State University in April 2009 with a promotions/ communications focus; my final project/thesis was on IT industry green viral promotions. I currently direct creative, web and social media marketing for a technology company.

I have a BFA in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design and am the current Alumni President for Atlanta. I co-owned a successful branding firm for two years during the dot-com boom. Much of my creative marketing experience has served technologies; software- and web-development tactics continue to excite me.


° An Approach

When the millennium changed, business changed. Marketing changed. Communications changed. And they're still evolving.

Marketing has been reinventing itself over the past decade to contribute more strategically and financially to businesses than ever before. The methods and media channels for achieving effective marketing grow at a dizzying rate. Social media aside, Are you able to keep up with it all? Today's strategic marketing can produce more accurate forecasting and reporting than any time in the profession's history. And you can harness such approaches to maximize your customer profit and interactions. Do you know everything you need to about your customers and prospects?


° My Outlook: The Role of Knowledge for Advancing IT

The world of IT continues to excite because of the continual need for innovation and creative problem-solving. There is a constant need for knowledge today - and technology providers and sellers grow by delivering the best, fastest information to identifiable customer demand. This information concerns deliverables as well as essential sales vehicles themselves: customers today want to know more before they buy. Hence, Web 2.0, 3.0, the Cloud and Web services in general become crucial delivery channels for research and products alike. As Web-based systems grow in supply and demand, they eliminate traditional, exclusive information boundaries. My observations from years serving the technology industry in many ways parallel my experiences serving the education industry. I can see the most successful marketers drawing from both camps for business advancement today. I strive to utilize both.


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